Our Winning Differences

There are three critical characteristics an agency must possess and apply to ensure a successful property transaction. Here’s why we believe Lodge have them in spades.


At the heart of it, Real Estate is all about connection. The better connected your salesperson is to the market, other industry professionals, and most importantly, buyers, is what will ultimately lead to the most seamless and successful result for you.

Here’s why we believe Lodge salespeople are the best connected in the region:

We sell more Hamilton properties

Which benefits your sale as we naturally meet more buyers through the sheer number of open homes and viewings we hold each week. With over a third of all listings in Hamilton, any active buyers will certainly come in contact with a Lodge salesperson who can promote your listing, and each is just as driven to find the buyer for your home.

Hamilton focus and dedication

For over 50 years we have focused on selling Hamilton real estate, with many as the market leaders. This has allowed us to build an impressive network of contacts and clients who deal exclusively with us. We also have five residential offices, a commercial branch and two property management branches across the city so our influence reaches every sector of the market.

Superior online marketing

Our online presence is unrivalled among our competitors. The Lodge website is the #1 Google ranked agency website when searching for Hamilton Real Estate, and we have an impressive social media following. This provides your listing with more free exposure, and facilitates better data collection so we can more effectively target your paid marketing.

We’re local, we’re global

Our partnership with Barfoot & Thompson and Cambridge Real Estate gives us access to the biggest pool of buyers within our immediate region. And our association with NZ Realtors and Leading Real Estate Companies of the World extends our network throughout the country and across the globe. With 138,000 salespeople in 70+ countries who can refer their buyers to us and your listing.


A property transaction is both high stakes and highly complex, that’s why accuracy is an absolute neccessity for us, and should be for you. As you’ll be relying on accurate market information to set your price, buyers need accurate property information to make informed decisions, and your salesperson needs to be accurate when completing the paperwork.

We believe we’re more accurate because:

We train harder

We hold a training session for all salespeople every Wednesday morning (excluding the holiday period) where they hear from a range of industry experts. This could be a lawyer updating them on any new legislation, a member of council sharing Hamilton’s development plans, or a building inspector outlining the pros and cons of various construction methods. This is backed up by regular verified training sessions as required by the REA.

Proven systems and processes

Our industry leading software enables your salesperson to simply and securely record every detail about your property and your sale, fulfilling the need for a detailed record of all events. Other clever innovations include our marketing app which allows your salesperson to instantly quote and book your marketing, and gives them immediate access to vital information like the district plan, flood maps, and the latest market statistics.

Management and team support

Every salesperson is overseen by one of our experienced Branch Managers and has access to our dedicated marketing and operations teams. They also work alongside some of Hamilton’s leading salespeople. All of whom have their own wealth of knowledge to draw upon.


We believe you should always work with somebody you can trust, and this is particularly important when you are dealing with your home. Not just for your own peace of mind, but for everybody involved in the process. Because a deal can quickly fall apart if either party feels they’ve been hoodwinked or coerced.

While we could never vouch for our own integrity, you can have confidence in your Lodge salesperson because:

Our Code of Conduct

This clearly outlines the salesperson’s duties and responsibilities to you as a vendor, and all other parties. This is strictly enforced and adhered to, and provides further assurance to you over and above the REA’s Code of Conduct and Client Care Rules 2012. Your salesperson can provide this upon request.

A proven track record

We’re confident that in our 50 plus years of selling Hamilton real estate we’ve conducted more property transactions than any other agency. Ask around your family and friends and you’re bound to find somebody who’s been impressed by our service, and would readily recommend us.

We’re part of the community

We love being a part of what makes Hamilton so unique. That’s why you’ll often see us out and about supporting or helping out at clubs, schools and charity events. We hope that through our sponsorships, we can make our Hamilton communities more exciting places to live.

We guarantee our service in writing

We are so confident of the service our salespeople that we provide an extensive service guarantee outlining the standard of service you will receive. Should at any time you notify us that these standards are not being met, and we fail to address the issue, we accept your right to terminate our agency agreement within 48 hours of receiving written notice.