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Hi, I’m Johnny Lee, and it’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to serve you.

Decisions in real estate are frequently life-changing for both family- and investment-reasons. For many of us, selling or buying property can at times present stressful situations, so my job is to mitigate the factors that cause this. Good planning and organisation, active listening, and proper research and preparation are core parts of my job, and this will help us achieve a smooth, satisfying, and exciting transition to a new home or investment.

Now approaching my thirties, I believe I have a good mix of youth, experience, maturity, and energy. Born in Malaysia, I came to New Zealand when I was 12-years-old, so feel privileged to have a good understanding of various cultures and people (evident throughout both countries).

I speak four languages, including Malay, English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

With a background in hospitality which included running a successful food business, I know the value of delivering excellent customer service. While it’s true a good product can sell itself, it’s the positive service experience that keeps customers coming back. To my way of thinking, premier customer service starts before the client walks in the door, and it continues after the deal is done. Expect me to make a difference!

It’s my commitment to listen carefully to what my client’s circumstances and goals are, before planning accordingly. I’m under little illusion that smart thinking and hard work makes a significant difference between good and great outcomes. You can count on me to put in the work required to deliver great results. I have enthusiasm, intelligence, and a good instinct for selling.

Having been in Hamilton for more than a decade, I boast a good knowledge of the city, its suburbs, its infrastructure, its potential, and its people.

The uncertainty of what’s on- and off-the-market excites me, and things are moving fast in our economy, and this thought gets me out of bed early each day. Despite this, my method centres on trying to practice success everyday through having both short- and long-term plans, ticking off milestones, making necessary change, and staying focused.

Let’s get you moving towards an even better future – give me a call today.

Johnny Lee

Residential Sales Consultant

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Johnny Lee

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