Home for Life

Empowering you to make informed property decisions about your retirement.

The Home for Life program has been developed by Age Concern Waikato in partnership with Gemma Lewell of Lodge Real Estate to give older people the tools, information, and support needed to make smart decisions about their living arrangements. Now and in the future.

The heart of the program is a series of seminars that cover a range of topics. Issues that may prompt a move, the opportunities to be considered, preparing your property, and what to expect when it comes time to sell. You'll get the chance to discuss your own circumstances and receive helpful, unbiased, professional advice.

Seminars are held in the Lodge Auction Room, 28 Harwood St, Hamilton Central.  

Upcoming seminars

Thursday 23rd May - 2pm

To sell or not to sell?

In this free seminar we’ll discuss the various family, financial, health and suitability factors that may prompt a move.

Thursday 20th June - 2pm

Preparing your property

In this free seminar we’ll give you practical advice and tips on preparing your property for when you decide to make a move.

Thursday 18th July - 2pm

What are my options?

In this free seminar we’ll outline your options around downsizing your home, moving into a village, or making arrangements with family and friends.

Thursday 22nd August - 2pm

What to expect when selling

In this free seminar we’ll tell you what to expect when selling your home, with information on legal requirements, selling methods, marketing, and moving day considerations.

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Gemma Lewell

Gemma is a savvy marketer and professional communicator and is genuinely committed to helping the older community understand their property options so they can make positive steps to improve their lifestyle.

Kirsty Bridson

Kirsty is the Education Development Coordinator at Age Concern Waikato. She is committed to supporting older New Zealanders to live a great later life, make the choices that best suit them and have access to the services and help they need.